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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boppy Pillow v. My Brest Friend Pillow

Why does everyone get and/or register for the Boppy pillow?  I have to say, I found it not very helpful when it came to nursing.  It did come in handy taking photos of my babies.  (See my photography post.)  I would put the blanket over the Boppy sometimes to put the baby on.  It also helped provide a little support when my son was learning to sit up.  What I hated about my Boppy was while nursing my child, there was nothing to keep it in place.  The pillow would start to inch away from me, and my baby would fall down in between me and the pillow.  I also found it too soft.

When it comes to nursing, the My Brest Friend pillow is great.  It straps around you,  is not too smooshy, and stays in place. It also has pockets for things like the phone, a pad of paper, a snack, or whatever you find useful.  I like that you can strap it on and stand up without it falling off.  It also offers padding around your lower back, which the Boppy does not.  I used mine with my oldest every day until we stopped nursing at age 2.  And now I use it every day with my twins.  When I tandem nursed my twins, I actually used the My Breast Friend Twins pillow.  I originally had the EZ2Nurse Twins Pillow, but again, it didn't stay put, and didn't offer great back support.  I didn't realize that My Brest Friend had a twins pillow (I had heard the EZ one was the only one out there.)  When I heard that they did, I ordered it w/o hesitation. and it too is awesome!!!

If I was registering for baby items, I would skip the Boppy, and make sure My Brest Friend was on my list!

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